Welcome to DEW's online Wellness & Martial Arts (W&MA) Program  Participant application Registration page.

To submit a Participant Application, follow these instructions:

(1) Download W&MA Program Participant application, CLICK HERE

(2) Download DEW W&MA Program Attendance Policy, Click HERE

(3) Fill-in participant application fully. Sign application and waivers where indicated. Save the filled-in/signed application

(4) Pay applicable amount for Participant application registration fee (Doral resident: $110.00 / non-resident: $132.00) Here

(5) Submit filled in and signed Participant Application, Click Here

(6) Check Uniform Chart Size, here to verify applicable size

(7) Place order for W&MA Participant Uniform here

(8) Upon receipt of a fully completed and signed application, you will receive a confirmation / Welcome e-mail from DEW


Dojo of Exceptional Wellness

Wellness & Martial Arts Program for the Special Needs Community

at the City of Doral Legacy Park Community Center